How to sell 100 books a Day

When I started selling on Kindle, my first goal was to sell 100 Kindle books a day.
I knew, without a shadow of a doubt I could achieve this goal.
Because I knew if I had to publish 100 books that only sold one copy a day I would get there come hell or high water.  As it turns out, it only took three.
How many will it take you?  How do you get your FIRST sale?  I’ll answer those questions and more in ““How to sell 100 Kindle books a Day”… download your copy and start reading!
STEP 1: Download Your Report
STEP 2: Download Your BONUS Kindle Book
This is the second book in this series on Kindle Publishing.
You can get the first book in this series, “The Kindle Publishing Revolution” now EXCLUSIVELY at
You’ll discover why the first edition of this book is only available at Amazon when you read “How To Sell 100 Books A Day”.
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STEP 3: Follow The Great Kindle Challenge
Over the next 7 days you’ll get to watch me take a brand new book from nothing to over 10,000 downloads AND ranking #1 in its category (or several categories) in Amazon… All in a market where I have NO list to leverage!
Here’s how this is going to work… Each day you’ll get an update video from me where I share exactly what I did and what the results where.  You see everything I do to get my books to the top of Amazon and keep them there!