Number One Book System Reviews & Bonus

Ryan Deiss’s Amazon Program Released


Number One Book System Reviews & a Bonus package for Ryan Deiss’s Amazon Kindle Program has been revealed to the public. reveals whether this program truly works for those who are looking for buyer leads for their business.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 29, 2012
A Number One Book System Review & Bonus of Ryan Deiss’s Program shows how this program helps people get their book boosted to the top of the Amazon Kindle market place. Ryan Deiss and his business partner Perry Belcher have the system down and are revealing it all in this program.
This program offers a complete proven system, tools and support for dominating the Kindle niche of choice along with an exclusive community (never before released) to help boost rankings and launch books and a live event unlike any before with publishing luminaries and Kindle successes teaching.
A Number One Book System Review & Bonus of Ryan Deiss’s Program reveals that this program is training on how to use Kindle’s own promotional tools plus some tricks that Digital Marketer has developed to push a book to the top of its category in Kindle and keep it there. Apart from showing people how to write a book (or have it written) fast, it turn their Kindle ebook into a “real” book that sells right alongside thei Kindle book to garner more leads and credibility.
A reviewer  says, “We don’t know if you’ve been to any of Ryan and Perry events, but let me tell you, they over deliver. Just the people that go to them are worth the admission alone. The funny thing is that the program is more affordable than one of their typical events. We think it’s a no brainer to invest in this program if you are ready to start getting more leads and customers into your business. The event alone is worth the price plus there’s the money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.”
To get instant access to the program or to get more information about it one should go to the official website here.
To access a comprehensive Number One Book System Review, visit
For those looking for a Number One Book System Bonus, one should go to:


Kindle Launch Weekend Starts TODAY!

Ryan has posted a challenge to write a first Kindle book this weekend. To support any interested person in participating in this challenge, he has created a short video series and is giving away a complementing step-by-step guide. Before he has already given away 2 eBooks, software and a video training series; all is still available this weekend.

Austin TX (PRWEB) August 31, 2012
Ryan Deiss has just launched his brand new system, the "Number One Book System". Doors will be closing very soon, but access his giveaways and training program is still possible.
The "Number One Book System" is a comprehensive training program on how to leverage the power of Amazon's Kindle platform to create and promote any number of Kindle books and make it to the top of the list of their category.
The system includes also software that allows creating professional covers, bases on proven templates, facilitates the cumbersome task of formatting the book to the correct format, publishing it on Amazon and promoting and syndicating it on the web.
Finally, one of the most important aspects of the "Number One Book System" system is the access to the #1 Online Community for E-Publishers, the premier online community for e-publishers to connect and collaborate.
Download Your Report
During his pre-launch Ryan has already given away two free reports (together they have 64 pages of down-to-point, actionable content):

1. Kindle Publishing Revolution

2. How To Sell 100 Kindle Books A Day
Ryan has also he created a free video series where interested people can look over his shoulder in " real-time " and see whether he manages the challenge to promote a brand new book, on a "boring" topic and achieve at least 10.000 downloads in only 7 days. On top, the goal was to rank #1 in its category (or several categories) in Amazon…All in a market where he had NO email or contact list to leverage! How well did he do? More here…
Additionally he offers free software that allows calculating the estimated number of Kindle books sold monthly for a given title. This allows the new author to evaluate how well a given topic is selling.
In the final days, as all will be removed soon, he has posted a challenge to write a first Kindle book this weekend. To support any interested person in participating in this challenge, Ryan has created a short video series and is giving away a complementing step-by -step guide.
For more information and access to the free ebook, software and videos visit this page…
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Disclaimer: Andre Klein is no employee or has any other relationship with Ryan Deiss. Andre Klein is an independent Internet and Affiliate Marketer, and will get a commission from Ryan Deiss if a reader purchases his product through one of the links on this page.
All the free ebooks and videos are still available here, but may be taken down any time after this weekend.

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Kindle Publishing Revolution

The Revolution Begun :

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The KDP Calculator

KDP Calculator

How to sell 100 books a Day

When I started selling on Kindle, my first goal was to sell 100 Kindle books a day.
I knew, without a shadow of a doubt I could achieve this goal.
Because I knew if I had to publish 100 books that only sold one copy a day I would get there come hell or high water.  As it turns out, it only took three.
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